Hello Hello!

I'm Lisa, a beautyholic from Kent; the garden of England.

I'm completely obsessed with the world of beauty and a self confessed shopaholic. You can normally find me in Space NK or the local beauty counters trying everything and buying most of it. (That's when I'm not at work, on the school run or playing with my two little boys - I'm ridiculously busy).  

I'm a complete sucker for skincare and have a slight addiction to Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown cosmectics at the moment. Don't get me started on Balmain hair products or Chanel's Autumn/Winter collection......

The Beaux Diaries (formally L's Beauty Spot) is my little online space to share with you my latest make up and skincare obsessions, new beauty launches and hair care favourites. I'm forever being asked advice from family and friends on beauty and make up, so what better way that to share my beauty ramblings with you on a blog. Hopefully you'll find some helpful tips and there's a little lifestyle thrown in too from when I'm out and about.

Anyway...... As my quest for eternal youth continues I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Love L xxx

(N.B. The guy in the photo just got in the way. He's not my minder or anything!)