The £25 Make Up Challenge!

£25 face cover When Helen from GrumpyWomanLovesBeauty and some of my lovely beauty blogging and Twitter friends suggested a collaberation on a post I jumped at the chance. The post however is The £25 Face challenge .... Can you achieve a whole make up look for £25 or under???

Errr.....I should have thought this through! My foundation alone costs £30! Now I'm not saying I'm a make up snob - and I'm not rich by any means. I just have a preference for high end make up. This is going to be a tough one.

As I'm in my 30's now (ouch) I have spent years testing, trying and buying make up in search of the perfect products. And my outcome usually requires a trip to the higher end beauty counters like Nars and Laura Mercier. But I'm always up for a challenge and I use alot of Rimmel and Loreal too so plodded off to my local Boots and various other drugstores in search of some make up bargains... and I have to admit I was plesently surprised -  there's some pretty great make up out there that doesn't cost the earth.

So here's what I brought......

The base. I love a good primer to create a good base and this strict budget is not going to allow for much. So I found Seventeen Instant Glow Skin Wow Tan for £4.99!

I'm so impressed with this - It creates a dewy glow and instantly adds radiance. I apply using my fingers to my cheeks, forehead and chin. It sinks in well and you can apply bronzer or powder pretty much straight away. For £4.99 you get a large tube with a pump which is quite generous and I've found a little goes a long way.

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Skin Wow Tan - Boots

25 face concealer

Concealer. I need a concealer mostly to cover dark shadows under my eyes and to cover a few blemishes. I brought Seventeen Stay Time concealer  in medium £4.49. I quite often use a cheaper concealer and this Seventeen concealer is fantastic value for money. It has a good coverage for under eyes and blemishes too. I found it lasts throughout the day quite well and only need a couple of touch ups under the eyes.

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Concealer - Boots

25 face bronzer


Next I brought: Collection Gorgeous Glow Block £4.19. This highlighting palette is great for adding a little colour and highlight to your face. I've used this all over to give my face a little colour. I used a bronzer brush and literally covered my whole face. As I needed a teeny bit of colour. So now my face is quite shimmery and my pores look huge but I'm embracing it and on the whole its not looking to bad so far.

Collection Gorgeous Glow Block - Boots

So now I'm up to £13.67 and I haven't even touched eyes or lips yet.......

25 face eyes

Fear not. I found the most lovely bargain eye palette and couldn't believe it cost only £3.99  AND there was £1 off so I got it for £2.99 (does a little happy dance). Introducing 'The Collection Uncovered Palette' in nude grey. The palette contains 6 cool toned shades that are wearable and blend together well. The colours all go well together except the brown shade which I found a bit misplaced in this palette I though a darker grey would sit better. However it did come in handy for defining my eyebrows!

To apply I used my Zoeva brushes (not included in the budget) (Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set - L's Beauty Spot.and applied the lightest shade all over to create a base, with the light grey in the other corners and crease of my eyes to create depth and finally the darkest shade which is almost black in the other corners to create a smokey eye. The colours are quite pigmented but nothing like mac so I did need to apply quite alot to build up the colour.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Grey - Boots

I usually use a liquid eye liner but budget wouldn't allow for this so I brought Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eye liner in Black. This is my absolute favourite product that I purchased. It's so long lasting, the colour is intense and it doesn't budge all day. Literally doesn't budge. Its waterproof and I had to really scrub my eyes with eye make up remover to get it off! I applied the Rimmel London Scandal eyes along my eye lid and dotted it along my bottom lashes and blended with a cotton bud to create a smudgy finish.  If your looking for a budget eye liner then this one is only £3.99 and it's a beaut.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal - Boots

25 face mascara


For mascara I chose Collection Volumising Mascara in black £3.99. Its not bad, it has a thick brush and I found it a little awkward to apply. I needed 2 /3 coats to get the desired effect. The results aren't bad It clumped a little but on the whole ok results for spending £3.99

Collection Volumising Mascara - Boots

And for lips I used Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly £1.95. I'm quite lucky that I have quite high pigmented lips so to add a touch of natural shine I just added vaseline. I also applied Vaseline to my eyebrows to keep them in shape and to my cheekbones to give a little highlight and shine. (A tip I learnt through my friend and fellow collaberator Eleanor.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly Original 20g - Boots

And finally 1,235,000 selfies later here's the final result!

me 25 face

Grand Total of look: £22.60. Apologies for picture quality my camera doesn't like me.

So I guess what I've learnt from this challenge is that make up doesn't have to cost the earth and there are some fab bargain products out there. And.... some not so much and are definitely worth a spurge. Mascara and a good primer especially!

I collaberated with these lovely girlies on this challenge see below for links to their blogs and check out how they did in the challenge. Helen  - GrumpyWomanLovesBeauty Alice - Alice Red  Eleanor - Eleanor Davorens Blog ♡  Amy - thecurvaceousvegan | thecurvaceousvegan

Special Thanks to Helen for asking me to take part.

So What do you think of my £25 face? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Love L x