Achieve a Flawless base with Laura Mercier

LM bases cover We all want a flawless base right? And we all need a few essentials to help us achieve a long lasting face. For me; my base always starts with Laura Mercier.

Laura Mercier has a wonderful choice of primers and moisturisers in various shades to suit all skin types. There's one (or two or three for everyone). I've been using the primer and tinted moisturisers for years and always have a stash in my make up draw.

My 3 key products I always use are primer, (before foundation), tinted moisturiser (in the summer) and an eye base (so my eye shadow lasts all day). I've also been using the setting powder to help my make up last.


The Primer -

An absolute must in my make up routine. I apply after moisturising and leave it to sink in for a couple of minutes. The Laura Mercier Primer preps your skin perfectly evening out skin tone and creates a dewy base ready for foundation and concealer. It makes applying your foundation a dream. Its also nice worn alone if you go for the natural look. There's a few in the range to choose from, I like just the primer or hydrating primer both are wonderful and help create a flawless base. But also my new favourite is the Radiance Bronze Primer which brings me to my next product.

Foundation Primer - Laura Mercier Laura Mercier

radiance bronze

Radiance Bronze Primer

This ones my fave! My best friend introduced me to this little gem and I fell in love with it straight away. It does the same as the Primer except with a bronze tint. It really makes you glow and now I've started using it I dont think I will be able to stop. I add a little to my Chanel Tan De Soliel bronzer and buff into my face and neck with a Mac 187 brush. It takes a minute or two to dry and then I use a setting powder or powder bronzer to take away the shine. Its a total summer MUST HAVE and if you buy one thing this month out shopping then make this top of your list.

Foundation Primer - Radiance Bronze | Laura Mercier Bronze Goddess

tinted moisturiser


Tinted moisturiser A great lighter base for your skin in the summer or all year round if you don't like the feel of foundation on your skin. I wear this a lot, it gives a medium coverage so I still apply concealer on blemishes and around my eyes. I apply using my fingers and apply as you would a moisturiser. If you prefer, a foundation brush could also be used. It illuminates my skin to give a radiant healthy glow.  (If you haven't tried it then put it on your wishlist you won't regret it.) Then I follow with a bronzer and blusher. You can also use a setting powder as you would after foundation to take away any excess shine around the t - zone but personally I like the illuminous glow it gives my skin.

Tinted Moisturiser - Laura Mercier Laura Mercier

LM bases eye

Eye Basics Nothing worse than spending ages on your eye make up to have it crease or slide off a couple of hours later. Laura Mercier Eye Basics is a primer for your eyes. I use Eye Basics before applying my eye make up but you can also wear it on its own to cover imperfections. It comes in a range of colours to suit your skin tone (I use Flax). To apply; I use my fingers to smooth all over my eyelid and it creates a semi mat base ready for eye make up. Laura Mercier Eye Basics helps the longevity of your eye shadow, prevents creasing it also contains Vitamin A E and C too which is really nourishing on the eyelids.

Eye Basics - Laura Mercier Laura Mercier


Invisible Setting Powder

I've had this for years (as you can tell by the state of the pot) and I've only just started using it again. I use a brush to dab under my eyes to set my make up.  It gives a light highlighting effect. The powder is so light and a little goes along way. It's also lovely brushed just under the brow bone for a subtle highlight. Its not a product that I use everyday, I tend to forget to put it on. Not an essential I guess but wonderful all the same and  if you want to set your make up with a little sheer powder then this ones a keeper.

Invisible Loose Setting Powder - Laura Mercier Women

Do you use Laura Mercier? What's your favourite products?

Love L xx