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brand focus dr manuka.jpg 2 Organic and natural products are having a real moment in the skincare world right now. So I thought it was about time I tried some for myself.  As a Manuka Honey fan anyway, (you can read my guest post on Benefits Of Honey For The Skin here I'm all ears when a skincare brand uses the benefits of Manuka Honey and combines with Purified Bee Venom to 'create skincare solutions that work'. Sounds good huh? *cancels the botox*.

The Manuka Doctor range is split up to four categories for different skincare concerns; ApiClear, ApiRefine, ApiNourish and ApiWellness. I've been trying out a few products and they are seriously good.

Brightening Facial Oil.

I love a good facial oil and this one is certainly delivers. Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil is formulated with powerful plant extracts that sink into your skin beautifully leaving it super soft and supple. Along with the key ingredient Manuka Honey; oils rich in antioxidents such as Argan and Rosehip help protect against damage whilst smoothing and evening out skin tone. After just one use my complexion was radiant, glowy and really hydrated.

The oil is fairly thick but not greasy and only takes a minute or so to sink in. I've been using this in the evening as its a lovely one to use before bed. Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil helps to reduce age spots and scaring, so far I've not really noticed much difference on my age spots. (I have 2 on my cheek and its a serious bug bare of mine). It did however heal a few scars left over from some pesky spots. Literally used this overnight and in the morning they had almost disappeared.  Overall a great anti - ageing brightening facial oil that leaves you with a luminous, younger - looking, plumper complexion.

Apirevive Restorative Hair Mask.

Fabulous for dry or broken hair, this is a great repairing mask which heals damaged hair and restores natural goodness. The Manuka Doctor Restorative Hair Mask contains, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil and Abyssinian Oil creating a rich luxurious velvety mask that feels gorgeous on. I've been using this twice a week and my hair is feeling softer and more nourished. After blow drying my hair has lots of volume and easier to style and much more shiny. I love that it doesn't leave my hair feeling  'coated' with product like some high end masks do.

Its a great all rounder mask that does wonders for your hair considering its only £19.99. Much cheaper than some of the masks I've used before as just as good if not better.

ApiRefine Radiance Serum (with purified bee venom)

This is the perfect pick me up serum to give your skin a little oomph. You know the days when you wake up looking a little grey or tired or your skin just looks like its missing something? This little serum will sort you out. It promises a lot (reduces wrinkles, plumps skin, enhances complexion, tightens and smooths) and it delivers a lot too. The serum itself is lightweight and has a slight pink pearlised tint to it. The ApiRefine Radiance Serum is incredibly illuminating without being shiny or shimmery. It instantly perked up my skin as soon as I applied it and gave my complexion a real boost. Like a little pot of magic. My skin does feel smoother after application, I can't say that its tighter but it did feel lovely on.

I've been using before my primer and it creates a good base/canvas for the rest of my make up. I like a dewy finish and after applying my foundation; my skin is glowing and radiant. Good skin days all round. I've only been using for a couple of weeks but so far I love it and I am hoping to see some long term benefits from it. Well if it's good enough for Millie Macintosh then it's good enough for me.

Again it has a bargain price tag of £17.99 a hell of a lot cheaper than my usual serum which only goes to say that you don't have to pay the earth for a fabulous (and natural) skincare product - and coming from a self confessed high end beauty addict that's saying something!

Have you tried anything for the Manuka Doctor? Which natural skincare products do you love?

Love L xx

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Luxe Beauty Wish List #2

wishlist There's nothing better on a rainy Sunday afternoon then cosying up and making ridiculous wish lists. I love a wish list. I make them all the time. (You can read my previous  beauty luxe list  here) My favourite places to online shop are Space NK, Sephora, and Feel Unique and my baskets are constantly full of can't - live - without - luxury products and lustful make up that quite often I have no intention of buying. This time however my list is a little more realistic.

So currently in my virtual baskets are...


luna sunday rileyLuna Sleeping Night Oil | Sunday Riley I really don't need any more night oils but as soon as I run out my current 4 or 5 I have on the go I'll be investing in this little beauty. It claims to reduce pore size, improve the appearance of damaged skin and reduce wrinkles. I've read countless reviews on Sunday Riley products and I feel the need to introduce them to my skin care regieme.



urban decay setting spray

Urban Decay Chill Make-Up Setting Spray  I've heard lots of good thing about setting sprays lately, via twitter and other blogs. Personally I've not tried them before but love the idea of a product that keeps your make up intact all day. This Urban Decay Chill Make Up setting Spray has a temperature control technology to freeze the top layer of make up and make it last for up to 12 hours. Sounds impressive huh? I need to try this out!


oskia renassiance maskRenaissance Mask | Oskia I've not tried anything for Oskia before and this Renaissance mask looks delightful. It's anti - ageing (tick) and promises to illuminate (tick) and re awaken your complexion (big tick). At £48.50 for 50ml its a pricey one (hence the wish list) but I'd quite like to smother my face in this dreamy mask.



Mimosa Scented Candle by Diptyque I have a small collection of Diptyque candles I  love to burn them in the evenings there so relaxing and make my house smell beautiful. I currently have Baies and Vanille and next I think I'd like to try   Mimosa. Plus I the perfect space for it on my coffee table.



Clarins instant light

Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base I'm in love with Clarins Instant Concealer and next I'd like to try this. I'll try anything that promises gives me a radiant dewy complexion. You can use it as a primer or just on its own to give your skin a bit of life. I love Clarins and I might just have to purchase this next time I'm passing the beauty counters.

I could go on and on listing wonderful products that pop in and out my baskets but for now these are my top 5 that are on my wish list. (oh and I need some more ripped jeans, some cut out sandals from Zara and a Givenchy bag). Not too much to ask!

Have you tried any of the above products? Would you recommend them?

What's on your wish list?

Love L x

*pics from google and we heart it